Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Step One...

What follows is the beginning of the process (much more to come) of what I have personally learned and am still learning about effecting lasting change in our lives. Along this path I have found many great teachers. One that I feel like I should mention (again) because I do reference her work quite a bit is Byron Katie. Please check out her “work” if you haven’t.
I know I’ve mentioned this in earlier blogs but I wanted to reiterate a couple points about energy. We have two qualities of acting energy present within us, either it is building up our system or it is in the process of dismantling it.  How that energy is working in our lives is dependent on what we are thinking because this energy is stored in every cell of our bodies. The condition and integrity of our cells is likewise effected as being supported or dismantled, healthy or ill. The condition of our reality is effected the same way.  Pain is proof that there has been a violation of our energy system. It’s our feedback mechanism that tells us something is wrong and needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, in our culture too quickly do we seek ways to shut off the feedback mechanism before we can learn from the problem. The problem doesn’t go away, the symptoms are just masked for awhile. It would be like having a fire in your house and shutting off  all the smoke alarms thinking that’ll stop the fire. The alarms may be off (so your not being warned) but the fire is alive and well. If we are in pain we are in error. Think of it as an energetic fire alarm. There is a call for inquiry. So as we work in the upcoming weeks to dismantle our memes and any energy that is causing upset remember that these opportunities are the way to growth. Dismantling our memes require us to shift our beliefs and shift our energy from being trapped to being free. Because knowing that you can change your pain changes the way you walk through you life.

“When you realize that every stressful moment you experience is a gift that points you to your own freedom, life becomes very kind.”
~ Byron Katie

Who are you without you memes? Exactly who you are….

Bringing your memes into the light
  • Challenge your memes
Ask “Is it true?” Three simple words that have tremendous power. Is that thought your having, that belief that you have so embraced, is it even true? “My back pain will never get better” Do you know that? Even if doctors have told you that it won’t can you be sure that is won’t? “My parents will never accept me?” Is that true? Have they really never accepted you? Not once?  “Life is unfair” Is it always? “I will be punished if I’m not good”. What ever story you are believing in question it’s validity. Look at your list of memes and simply ask if that belief that you believe is even true.
But, you may ask, what about the things that are true? What if you have evidence? For example,  “I've always been overweight.“ That‘s possibly true (although I doubt when you were born you were overweight but we'll go with it). The scale says it and I know it. Sometimes we need to go a little deeper. Try “I’m overweight and that means___?“ Maybe you tell yourself it means you are “lazy, a failure, unattractive, or never get things right,” Now question the validity of those things. Question the story you tell yourself. At the core our memes that break down our vital energy are always false. No exceptions. When we question them and realize we are choosing to believe a lie we can find freedom in letting go of our stories. 

  • What is the wisdom behind what you are doing but want to change?

And I guarantee there is a good reason you are doing it. Say you have insomnia and want to let it go. What is the history of it. Did it start when you were a child? Maybe you came from a chaotic home where nighttime meant fighting and your fear was falling asleep meant  that something terrible would happen and you wouldn‘t be awake to take car of it. You learned to be like a sentry, always on guard. And it may have been necessary for a means of survival. The pattern of energy is set in motion with the belief in that story. Now, no longer a child, you still find yourself struggling to sleep. What needs to be examined is the fear we are holding in our bodies about it. If you want to change the fact that you can’t sleep find the energetic wisdom behind it and then question if you need it anymore. Realize you can create a healing field where you can let that part of you go. You no longer need to be a sentry, it’s not true for you anymore (if it ever was).

    Here’s another way this might show up. Have you noticed in our culture it is more acceptable to have a headache than to set a boundary? Let’s say you really don’t want to go out for dinner with a group of friends. You may really enjoy their company but just feel like having some time alone. What are the thoughts that come up “You gave your word so you have to go (held up to inquiry is it true? the truth is we are free to change our minds about anything at anytime), “If I say no my friends will all be angry with me” (really? are you sure?). So as you are having all this spinning energy based on judgment and doubt and recrimination which are all just shades of fear your head starts to hurt. Oh no, another migraine! So you call your friends and bow out of dinner with a very real migraine. They may even show you special attention and concern because you are ill which reinforces your feedback loop and habitual response to not say no the next time, rather than tell the truth. What did you gain from the headache? Not having to say no, be honest, be assertive, and set a boundary. The problem is now you have a very real headache. We know that pain in a violation of our energy field. Remember we are energy and energy has to go somewhere. It is either dismantling or building up. But so often we value those things that violate our energy system and believe them as correct. Illness often speaks for us when we  should really speak for ourselves. When we can ascertain the pay off  behind our illness, beliefs, and discontent we find what we should really be doing to allow our energy to flow in a healthy way. Often we manifest dis-ease in our bodies or lives to give us a pass on being authentic, and perhaps challenging an expectation or belief of how we “should“ be.  Really our dis-ease is  an alarm to wake us to  what we actually need to do to get well. In this case the remedy would be to just say no thank you, and then notice, challenge,  and forgive (undo) any feelings of guilt we may feel. Then we can  move on- without a migraine.

    So the first step to dismantling our stories and effecting change in our lives is to begin to question our deeply held beliefs (memes) that create our very stories. We need to start noticing how our thoughts give rise to our lives and realizing that they are actually not true. But know this. Our thoughts are actually not the problem. In fact,  thoughts are very much like the wind or the ocean  as they come and go and there really is no stopping them (give it a try if you don’t believe me). What is the problem is we believe our thoughts as if they were true, then we find evidence that makes them stronger, and they become the stories we define ourselves by. Then they become our reality. If you want change in your life you need to stop believing your own story.

    “We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us.”
    - Joseph Campbell

    Tuesday, October 26, 2010

    Great Question!

    Thank you all for your comments and questions via the blog comment box and the ones sent to me personally. I love getting feedback so please keep it coming. I am learning right along with you.

    The following question was such a good one and reflected our theme of change  so I felt inspired to answer it as best I can.

    “I am interested in the concept of meme -- and have a question. I've thought in terms of morphic fields... do you feel that a morphic field is similar, or is a meme more specific to *you* -- like your own personal little morphic field? Would love help clarifying this in my own mind.”

    "Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another."
    -Albert Einstein

    In essence everything is energy. Everything. And all energy has a specific frequency unique to it. Like a signature of that energy. Think of a radio, you can tune the dial and hear 101.7 but at the same time the energy of 98.6 is present but not heard. When we “tune in” to a specific radio station we are setting our radio up to vibrate at a specific frequency- 101.7 mega hertz to be exact (aka. 101.7 millions of miles per second). You set up your radio to vibrate at the same frequency as the radio energy you want to hear. This is resonance. Another example is tuning forks. If you sound one tuning fork and hold another one still right next to it the still one will start to vibrate at the same frequency. The same principle is seen in music. Hold a guitar silent next to a piano and play a specific note on the piano. The strings on the guitar will begin to vibrate with the same frequency. That’s called resonance. The same energetic principles apply to our lives, our bodies, and our reality (as we are also energy).

    The morphic field, the way I understand it, is the name of the fluid energetic boundary that surrounds each one us. Not to get too technical here regarding  energetic fields, chakras and the like, (another blog maybe ) but this personal energy system is linked into a greater one (often simply called the field). Like tributaries from a river we are joined in an energetic flow. What is vital to our personal energetic field however, is our frequency, our unique hum of vibration that attracts a particular form. What creates this frequency are our  thoughts, desires, intentions which all link together to form our habitual patterns of belief and thought patterns called our memes. That is why our memes are so important to our energy field because they form the energetic frequency we transmit and the thus the frequency we are set up to receive. Like a magnet, or a radio, or a tuning fork, we attract to us what we are- our frequency. A meme is just a habitual thought that adds a specific frequency of energy to our personal field (call it morphic) that creates a resonance which attracts like energy from the field around us to create our perceived reality.

    Our bodies are no different of course.  We are energetic beings vibrating at a specific frequency. And this energy is stored in every cell in our body. Thus our mind energy, our thoughts and beliefs, are present in every cell. The law of resonance governs energy no matter where it is. It is as if we are yelling into the energetic field of unlimited possibilities “here this is what I want to show up” and then of course it does. What is important to note is that the reality we experience is our perception of our frequency, our resonance with similar energies. In form that means if we are vibrating with a frequency that is not love we invite that into our reality.  What is showing up is really just a part of you- that part that was not love. So that is why it is so important to understand and be conscious of the world around you. That is why it is so vital to understand how we are creators of our reality and what we perceive is entirely our projection of energy that is our frequency, our thoughts. We cannot  focus on lack and have abundance, or fear and have joy, or sickness and have health. It is an energetic impossibility.

    “You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.”
    -Albert Einstein

    But when we are able to change our thoughts and make new choices about what we choose to think about, and contemplate we will resonate with new energetic frequencies and a new reality will emerge. Because if your body is ill it cannot remain so if you are in a healing field of health. If your reality is one of lack that reality will change as you focus on abundance.  This is the law that explains spontaneous remissions, tumors that disappear, people having impossible strength during times of challenge, and miracles.  Remember the field you are tapping into is one of unlimited possibilities. Any limitations we believe are the ones we put on our selves. In the field of impossibilities anything is possible.

    It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”
    Walt Disney

    Tuesday, October 19, 2010

    The Roots of Change

    Who are you? Exactly who you think you are.

    Last week’s blog spoke about our habits and how they both define us and keep us stuck at times.  I wrote about the importance of  bringing awareness to our habits and how that pertains to change in our lives. But what is the energy wherein habits emerge? If a habit is the end result what is it’s force of origination?This week we go deeper, working backwards, to explore what creates our habits and illuminate how it is these deeper beliefs, the ones we may not be consciously aware of, that create our experience of the world around us. Just as the roots of a tree effect the health and vitality of a tree our roots of belief effect our whole world. To create change, to transform anything, we need to get to the root of the issue. The belief behind the effect.
    But first ….
    I think it’s important we start with  basic concepts regarding the idea of  manifesting, the concept of infusing thought with originating spirit and bringing that thought to form.  It’s a buzz word these days in new age circles and has been all the rage with movies like “The Secret” and because of this I think it‘s meaning varies. So, with a need to be on the same page as you, my reader, I feel a little clarification is in order. From my very rudimentary knowledge  manifesting goes something like this.  We manifest in our lives what we are and what we are is what we contemplate (or think).  This is important and it my opinion what the movie “The Secret” neglected to mention. In that movie there was great emphasis put on what “you want”. What you think you “need more of”. More money. Better health. These are great things no doubt. But wanting those things and believing you are those things are two very different things. So, keep this is mind as we go deeper. We manifest in our lives who we think ourselves to be.

    "Thought is cause: experience is effect. If you don't like the effects in your life, you have to change the nature of your thinking."
    ~ Marianne Williamson

    For example…
     If you have the thought “ I want (or need) more money” and at the same time have the underlying (probably unconscious) belief “I’ll never get rich doing this” you have a misalignment of creative animating  energy. What’s more, the very thought “I need more money” is in actuality being motivated from a place of lack(a misalignment again) and thus more situations that reflect lack will show up in your life since that is the originating belief.  Like a puzzle whose pieces fit together the resonance from the originating thought attracts the conditions that support it . Another way of looking at this is, if you are coming from a place of lack ("I need more" implies you don’t have enough) what you will perceive will be the lack around you so that is the life experience you will have.

    We manifest and perceive what we are, those underlying beliefs, not what it is "we" want. Say,  you struggle with weight. You may want to thinner and will continue to have a difficult time losing and keeping weight off because of have a deeper (maybe even unconscious) belief that it's too hard, you don't deserve it, everyone in your family struggles with weight, you are afraid of being accountable for your life ... With core beliefs such as this you will sabotage yourself every time until the surface belief (what you want) matches the core belief (what you are). So to really change, to heal, we have to go deep. Beyond the surface ideas of what we want and don’t want and into the places that we believe ourselves to be. We have to go to the levels that animate our reality, create our perceptions, and where our resonance attracts it's likeness. Get to the roots to find why the tree is sick.

    Enter the meme.
    What’s a meme you ask? They are the “cultural ideas, symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena”. Whew. In essence memes are the many beliefs that create our identity. Memes are our histories, our stories, our habitual beliefs about ourselves and the world around us that we have learned from those around us and our culture. And at some point we adopt like through osmosis as our own. So pervasive are these memes and so ingrained that we rarely even notice them, and therein lies the rub. Seemingly innocuous memes are anything but. For example, the emerging science of epigenetcis denotes that hereditary accounts for about 25% of our health issues. Further more even within that 25% new research is showing our DNA is effected by what we are thinking   (it’s amazing stuff to contemplate). What we think about ourselves is important. Really important. It means we can contemplate our way right into healing or illness, peace or frustration, habit or freedom.Our brains interpret our emotional responses and our bodies react in turn no matter if the threat is perceived (ie a fearful thought) or a real physical threat. What we think and believe matters and that is great news!  Because it’s more difficult to change our genetics than to change what we think (or is that just a meme?) It means we have so much more creative power in our lives and health than we may have ever imagined. It means when we can change our beliefs to reflect our divinity we resonate at a frequency that attracts it into our lives.

    So what are the memes you own in you life?

    Now getting a little closer to home and the memes get a little more personal. What memes did you learn from your family?  Did you learn that you had to excel, achieve, get good grades to be somebody (not sure what that even means “be somebody“ who is somebody)? Did you learn that you had to "follow the rules" to be accepted or food meant love? Did you learn that your body was meant to be ignored, pushed, or shaped to be either idealized or shamed? Did you learn that being “good” meant being quiet? Did you learn you weren’t good at something? Were you labeled in some way?  I remember being told as a kid I was terrible at math. I just didn’t have “that kind  brain” and I believed it. I was terrified in every math class I had to take. Then a magical thing happened in college. I met a professor that said you are not bad at math you just need to learn it differently than the way it is traditionally taught. Not sure if it was his new technique that helped or it was his challenging my ingrained meme in a powerful way but it finally clicked for me and I was no longer  terrified of numbers. And from then on I did fine in class.

    “Looking back you realize that a very special person passed briefly through your life- and it was you. It is not too late to find that person again.” 
    Robert Brault

     So look at those memes, those deep beliefs you carry. The ones hiding under the surface of your conscious awareness.  Which ones are you choosing to believe? Because if you look really closely at your memes they become your habits and they become your excuses and they become the reasons why you seemly cannot change, and why you keep getting the same results in your life. "It’s too hard, I'm too old, I'm too young, It's hereditary, I'm  too busy, I can’t afford it, I’m not good at math, it’s easier, everyone does it"…Isolate your excuse and you find the meme behind it. Trace it back to the root belief that's chaining you to an experience that's reflecting your fear not your truth.

    "When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves".  ~Victor Frankl

    Our memes are the links to the chains that create our ego identity (our separate false selves) linked together from our histories, our underlying beliefs about the world and about ourselves. Change is so difficult, because it asks us to step outside of the memes, dismantle the chain of our identity  and try a different way. Change asks us to question our beliefs (what was) and our very sense of self. It's about  giving up the comfort of what you thought you knew for something else you don’t know at all. It’s about giving up our false self  identity and allowing ourselves to instead unfold. Of just being instead of defining. Of opening ourselves up to what is without knowing the outcome. It's allowing the tree of our divinity to do what trees do best. To simply just grow. No help from us needed.

    When we align not with our ego selves but divine nature it may be necessary to jump off that cliff into the unknown.

    "If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we are not really living. Growth demands a temporary surrender of security."
    ~ Gail Sheehy

     Not sure about you but most times I need a push off that cliff, even though freedom is exactly what I've asked for. That’s why so often change comes as a crisis, a conflict, a challenge that lights a fire in our lives that makes an alternative better than the current circumstances. When  we must jump off the cliff because where we are standing has become quicksand.
    This is why we can really be motivated to change when we get sick of being sick, fat, angry, addicted etc. When we can say to ourselves "OK this is so bad that something else has to be better". When we are faced with a crisis and our pain motivates us to wake up and take the leap we so feared. Realizing after we take the leap there was a hand there to catch us all the while and the shadows that we so feared were not even there. Which is the gift of change...realizing when we surrender to the flow, give up our control, we remember the co-creative power we have always had reflecting a peace and harmony undefinable in words.


     Our memes are the way we limit ourselves and our excuses are evidence of our misalignment with our divine nature that require an awareness and a shift in belief. I am going to go deeper down that path next week but for this week I want you to notice the excuses you have about what you think you cannot do. Dig deep to the root and excavate your memes about yourself, your life, your health, your kids. Anything that isn’t serving your greater good. Not all memes are incorrect but we aren’t worried about the ones that bring you joy. We want to find the links in the chain that are keeping you stuck. Next week we learn how to undo the chain this week just find the links.
    We are infinite being having an human experience- meant to be free from chains. When we get rid of the ways we limit ourselves we can manifest amazing things. We can decide to change what is happening in our lives at any time,  at any moment,  if we are conscious enough to realize what we are experiencing is exactly our creation. No exceptions.  A new life begins in every second of the present.When our creative power is rightly aligned with our divine nature (and not our scared ego selves) we have no choice but to tap into the field of unlimited possibilities where there are no rules and anything is possible. Anything…I promise.

    "You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land, there is no other life but this."
    -- Henry David Thoreau

    Tuesday, October 12, 2010

    The Power of Habit

    In any endeavor needing change it is imperative we develop a sense of awareness about it. A sense of what has gotten us to the place we stand. Perhaps with a bit of detachment like an outside observer looking at our life. That's difficult to do at times (especially with the issues that trigger our fear) but an important skill to practice as we contemplate the concept of change. It's a way to shed light on the parts we may ignore, deny, or quite simply be unaware of. So with this idea of awareness in our midst let us look at an element which may be evident in our lives and a sticking point as to why we keep manifesting the same thing even when we desire change.

    Habit. How much of your life is habitual? Personally speaking,  I am a creature of habit. Astoundingly so. Every morning  I have coffee (black please) in a certain chair (that sticks out just so), I  read a certain inspiring book and then the paper. I have a routine for the way I wash my face, my hair, the dishes. I habitually feel insecure at certain times and  habitually cope with those feelings in a habitual ways.

    "A habit is something you can do without thinking - which is why most of us have so many of them." ~Frank A. Clark

    Habits are the things that we do without much conscious awareness. It’s where we are on auto pilot. We’ve all had that weird sensation of diving to work and then not remembering the drive to get there. That’s habit. And from a biological perspective we create the groundwork for our habits in our brains. We strengthen (and even create) neuropathways in the brain by repetition until it becomes second nature. Until we don’t have to consciously think about it anymore. Until it becomes habitual. Think of a child learning to walk. At first they work endlessly. It’s a marriage of balance meeting gravity. They teeter on the edge of  falling, gripping the edge of a table. They stand. They wobble. Then it’s a quick step forward. Then another. They fall down and try again and again. Repetition. While their brains are mapping the motions, forming neurons, creating pathways. After awhile they just walk; forgetting how hard  it was. Walking  becomes habit. And from this  perspective our habits can certainly help us, even empower us. We walk to get places, to explore life around us. We walk for fun or sport. Walking serves our greater good  just as some habitual patterns accomplish the task of taking care of life’s details we may not want or need to focus on. But this is where a discussion of habits gets  into sticky territory because much as they give us necessary respite from mundane necessities they can just as easily propel us onto the path  of unconscious  existence. When our  habits become the propelling force of our lives not our genuine expression. When we feel like we are on auto pilot much of the time. When change feels impossible we can begin to feel uninspired, stagnant, and powerless. Habit becomes a blinding loop wherein we fall deeper and deeper into a path of unconscious repetition. Habits can begin to define us and at the same time negate us. Over time we lose ourselves to the habit.

    "To fall into a habit is to begin to cease to be."  ~Miguel de Unamuno

    Just as we can forget that drive to work we can habitually grab that bag of chips when we sit down to watch TV. We can habitually light that cigarette after dinner. We can habitually yell at our kid for forgetting their homework again. We can habitually get frustrated with our partner for not giving us what we want. We can habitually say no when we might need to say yes or yes when we need to say no.  We can say we will change, quit, do something tomorrow for the hundredth time only to do the same thing the next day.

    The question is - is what your doing working? Really? Is your habitual habit effective at all for creating the life you desire? You may think you’re right, vindicated actually, but that means nothing if what you’re doing isn’t working. Because the very definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. But habit keeps us doing the same thing. It keeps us in the past, repeating, repeating, repeating. It’s madness. And we wonder why we are frustrated, depressed, or unwell.

    "The chains of habit are generally too small to be felt until they are too strong to be broken."  ~Samuel Johnson

    So a key step to change is awareness. Right now. What is habitual about that thing you want to shift (remember in the last blog you picked one)?  Put the spotlight on it. Has in become a blinding loop of habitual response that you have lost creative power to influence because it is so deeply ingrained in your psyche and out of your conscious awareness?

    Question your habitual nature. Bring it into the light. Ask…

    • When did it start? Where did you learn it? Was it your parents before yours?
    Maybe your parents smoked cigarettes, or ate compulsively.  You learned by example that these were acceptable coping habits, even associated them with love and acceptance. You take that habitual signature with you. Perhaps you learned to habitually deny your feelings because the family you grew up in didn’t support it. The familial understanding was such that “we don’t talk about our feelings.” So you learned not to and habitually you still don’t. Now you have denied your back pain right into a slipped disk. Or denied your authentic voice right into depression. Find the source of your habit and what it tells you about your history.

    •  How does it serve you/ How does not?
     Every habit starts out by serving us in some way. Seriously. We all get a pay off from habit. Perhaps you started shopping because that was bonding time with your mom. It represented acceptance, love and camaraderie for you. Then it became habitual and now when you feel down you go straight to the mall and you have the credit card bills and stomach pain to prove it. Perhaps you grew up in a household that was chaotic, even abusive, and you had to “check out” emotionally or mature quickly to handle the situation. That was necessary for your survival. But as we know repetition births habit and you now still “check out’ or micromanage the world around you now, which certainly doesn’t foster wellness or healthy relationships. What started out as healthy isn’t so much now.  To change a behavior it helps to understand the pay off.

    • Do people around you have the same habits?
    We tend to attract what we ourselves embody. Look around you. If you see a lot of people with habitual anger issues ask yourself if you habitually (perhaps unconsciously) rise to anger or are attracted to chaos on some level. If you often think you’re children are “not living up to their potential” or “don’t have any focus” ask yourself if you are or if you habitually seek the easy way out. When desiring change it is helpful to look at the people around us as mirrors to get more understanding about ourselves.I am just going to say it. Everything. Every little or big thing we don't like or cannot accept or judge about someone else is a part of ourselves we are not able to accept. Sit with that for a minute. When you point a finger at someone there are 3 fingers pointing back at you. It's tough stuff but a blessing as well. Our greatest teachers are the people in our lives because they show us clearly (if we are looking) what we are really  thinking about ourselves.

    • What do you habitually say/think about your issue? Do you have excuses for it?
    This is a big one, and one that I plan to focus on in later blogs. We tend to get lost in our negative self talk and excuses. In fact, they are also habitual. We often repeat the same excuses over and over again.  “I can’t stop smoking/drinking/shopping/eating donuts now there’s too much  stress in my life”. “It’s not my fault it’s genetic.” ‘I’ll stop tomorrow”. “I’m not really hurting anyone“. “I had a hard day I deserve it“. “I’ll only have one”.  “I have no will power”. These are the repetitive thinking patterns that keep us in the blinding loop of unconscious habitual response. 

     So this week notice what is habitual about the issue you are choosing to shift.  Bring conscious awareness to the parts that are used to being overlooked. Question your issue. Get to know it. Shed light on it. Write about it. Talk about it. That is how we take our power back. That is how we develop the courage to change. In this moment. Then the next moment. Then the moment after that. When we face our habits we can decide what do do with them. We can take our creative power back. We can decide to change them. We can allow our habits to teach us what we need to know about ourselves so we can grow. Because this is the best part about habits. We have a choice to change them. The good news is we can effect change on any situation we do not like in our lives. Anything.  We can choose another way at anytime. Now is the moment you can change everything.

    "You can’t drop concepts. You can only shine a little flashlight on them as you do inquiry, an you see that what you thought was true wasn’t. And when the truth is seen, there’s nothing you can do to make the lie true for you again."
    ~ Byron Katie 

    As always I encourage feedback (comments, questions, etc.) via the comment box or my email...
    Next week we go further on our journey of discovering change….stay tuned.

    Tuesday, October 5, 2010


    The energy of transformation is all around us. Have you felt it lately? It seems I'm hearing about the wind of change everywhere- my family, my clients, my friends, the media, the check out person at whole foods, the lady at the bank... . There are shifts afoot. And Yes, astrologically speaking there is much reflecting this  (hello cardinal t-square! and feel free to get in touch with me if you want to know where specifically it's showing up for you and what you can do about it). Change, especially when it feels out of our control (which is inherent in it's very nature of course), is not easy because it asks us to shift  personal paradigms, our personal stories that help define us. Often when faced with the choice of choosing change or familiarity we opt for the latter because at least we know it. Life (and/or God, Source, Spirit) has a way of giving us opportunities to change by introducing fearful situations that give us the kick in the butt to transform or hide, deny, excuse (pick your favorite neurosis). We have the option. In our moment of fear, we feel powerless, at the mercy of a situation bigger than ourselves. Sometimes it's hard to even remember to breathe. Yet when we cease resisting and expand our ceiling of consciousness we allow change to take root. We realize what an utter misconception it was that we thought for a fraction of a second we were and are ever powerless. So feeling inspired by this time of transition I am going to start a bit of a series on my blog about change.
    Why we resist it, why it’s inevitable (even if we deny it), how we can actually learn to embrace it and allow it to empower us. (Can we? ) I believe we can. Since this energy of change is in the air let's welcome it, listen to it's lessons, channel it, use it to forge in it's fire a new awareness. 
    My desire is that this is a collaborative process. One where we can share, support, and discover layers in the process of transformation that open our eyes to possibilities we never had the courage to imagine.  So in that spirit I encourage feedback via the comments box below the blog or on facebook if you feel so inspired to share. I encourage questions, fears, insight, and new ideas. You can always email me ( if you don't want to publicly share and I'll speak anonymously on your behalf.
    My hope is we can shift the fear around change, the isolation we often  feel in it's grip, and the concept we are alone on our journey.
    For now let’s start at the beginning. The first question I have is what do you want to change? What are you aware of in this moment that needs transformation? What would you like to allow to fall away? What are you holding on to that no longer serves your greatest good? Pick something? Could be something that you have thought about for a while or something more recent. Think of that thing , that situation, that health issue. Write it down.  In the next few weeks we’ll go further down the road of change so keep it handy. .
    and Stay tuned.
    and remember...

    "If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies."  ~Author Unknown